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Mary-Kathryn Tantum | Digital Marketing Analyst & SEO Consultant.

Mary-Kathryn Tantum's Bio:

Mary-Kathryn Tantum Tantum | Digital Marketing Analyst, Raconteur & Occasional Alchemist Experienced digital marketeer & business problem solver, specializing in: search engine optimization (SEO), conversion rate optimization, email & social marketing, and content strategy. I'm analytical and fluent in data--with a strong research background.   Lover of rhetoric & red wine. Eternally undecided: right or left-brained?  My curiousity is endless.  I'm constantly learning about emerging technology & apploying this knowledge to help clients solve business problems. 

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web design, internet marketing, seo consultant, ppc, startup marketing, pitch deck, online marketing, presentation design, business plan consulting, user acquisition strategy, affiliate marketing, startup marketing, entrepreneurship, tech entrepreneur, mk tantum, entrepreneur wiki

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